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Questions for a Content Marketing or Reputation Management contractor,
excerpted from

A successful content marketer will be required to think creatively, strategically, and tactically. They may also be required to manage people and/or projects, provide customer care and support, meet deadlines, and provide proven experience in their given field of expertise. The following sample interview questions are intentionally behavioral in that they ask the candidate to describe actual scenarios that reveal their level of experience.

Q: Do you have an office outside of home?

Q: Can your work pass copyscape?

Q: Are your images licensed? Is that included?

(One 'no' answer to those screening questions should stop you in your tracks before bothering with the rest of the questions below.)

Q: Tell me about the most creative piece of content you have been involved in creating for an organization.
FOLLOW-UP: What was your role in the creation of that content?
FOLLOW-UP: How and where did you share that piece of content?
FOLLOW-UP: What organizational goal did that piece of content meet?
FOLLOW-UP: How did you measure the effectiveness of that piece of content?

Q: Tell me about the most successful content marketing project you have managed.
FOLLOW-UP: What organizational goal did that project meet?
FOLLOW-UP: How many team members did you work with or manage during this project, and what were their roles?
FOLLOW-UP: Describe an obstacle you encountered with a team member in this project and how you overcame it.
FOLLOW-UP: Describe how this project was designed to meet deadlines and objectives.

Q: Tell me about a video (or graphic) you created for content that received a high amount of traffic and engagement.
FOLLOW-UP: What tactics did you use to optimize the video (graphic) for engagement?
FOLLOW-UP: Did you plan and execute it yourself, or did you work with a team to complete the project?
FOLLOW-UP: What challenges arose during the production of the video (graphic), and how were they resolved?

Q: Tell me about a time when you discovered a customer giving a negative review of the company on social media. 

FOLLOW-UP: What tactics did you use to disarm the situation?
FOLLOW-UP: Describe how this strategy affected your approach to social customer care.

Q: Tell me about a content marketing initiative you were involved in creating that received high exposure on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
FOLLOW-UP: What was your role in this initiative?
FOLLOW-UP: What tactics did you use to ensure that campaign was seen and engaged with?
FOLLOW-UP: Did you work on this campaign alone, or did you work with a team to produce the campaign?
FOLLOW-UP: What was the biggest challenge in taking that campaign from conception to completion?

Q: Tell me about a piece of social content that you edited or optimized and how your efforts strengthened it.
FOLLOW-UP Was it your own content or someone else’s content that you strengthened?
FOLLOW-UP: What prompted you to edit or optimize the content, and what was your process?

Q. Tell me about a piece of content you were involved in creating that effectively boosted leads and/or sales.
FOLLOW-UP: Were you solely responsible for that post, or did you work with another team member who was familiar with social media strategy or promotions?
FOLLOW-UP: What did you do to make it more effective at generating leads or sales? Is there a brand whose social media strategy stands out to you, either for good or bad?
FOLLOW-UP: What makes it stand out to you? FOLLOW-UP: What would you do to improve on what they’re doing?

Q: Name a brand whose approach to content is worth imitating?
FOLLOW-UP: How would you implement something similar in a different industry?

© 2018 Scott Stevens